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Mission & Vision

Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital is a private not for profit general hospital and training school serving Agago and neighbouring districts, offering quality care and ensuring access to the poor and vulnerable people. The Hospital embodies the spirit of his founder, Father Dr. Giuseppe Ambrosoli, and the motto “Serve with love and humility”, which guides the life of the hospital and its staff in the journey to provide health to the people. The mission of Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital is illustrated below.

Motto: "Serve with Love and Humility"

  1. The Mission of Kalongo Hospital is based on the imitation of Christ and His deeds, to promote life to the full and to heal.
  2. The hospital is committed to a holistic, integrated and sustainable action on health, which includes treatment, prevention, health promotion, and training of health workers.
  3. The hospital training programmes will aim at the development of well-trained, responsible professionals with high moral standards.
  4. The hospital wants to promote access to health care for the weakest and vulnerable social groups, like women, children, the financially destitute, and the chronically ill. To this purpose the hospital is a non- profit making institution of the Church.
  5. Since the person is at the centre of all activities of the hospital, a basic attitude of respect for the human dignity will be the guidance for all actions, regardless of ethnic origin, social status, gender, and religious or political affiliation. Any form of discrimination will be avoided.
  6. The principle of subsidiarity will therefore be applied with equity in all relationships within the hospital network.
  7. Justice, universality and equality will mark the work of all the officers and staff members of Kalongo Hospital. Their work will be done in a professional way and abiding by the catholic ethical code. Human life being sacred, the basic attitude of all personnel will be the healing of the person with total respect for life.